Seal plus, company founded in 1.978- specializes in designing, manufacturing and assembling equipment and parts for the industrial sector in general.

Our production department counts on an flexible line of manufacturing. Our products and services are offered in many different sectors of the Industry. Nowadays, our products and services are exported to 21 countries in EuropeSouthCentral and North America.

Principles and Values

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  • Respect

  • Responsability

  • Commitment

  • Discipline

  • Loyalty

  • Good service

  • Honesty

  • Doing things right from the first time

  • Humane and dignified treatment



Design, manufacture and installation of seals for rotary kilns, reducing environmental emissions and achieving efficient use of fuels to the national and international industry. Providing safety, quality and support. Offering well-being and job growth for our employees.


Seal Plus, increase its involvement in the installation of seals for industry in Brazil, USA and Europe, using rotating equipment processes through technology and continuous innovation; where prime human quality.