2021 News

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 17, 2021 – The Portland Cement Association (PCA) announced the winners of the 2021 Chairman’s Safety Performance Awards, which recognize outstanding safety performance in the manufacturing of portland cement, the main ingredient used in all forms of concrete.

PCA is proud to announce that all winners in the small, medium, and large categories had a total incident rate of zero, resulting in more winning plants than in previous years. The winning plants were awarded during a recent virtual PCA Occupational Health & Safety Committee meeting.

“Health and safety are core values in all operations, industry-wide,” said PCA Chairman and President of GCC of America, Ron Henley. “Each one of us is held accountable for the protection of ourselves and those around us. These awards exemplify those values.”
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From the ancient Roman Pantheon, to modern city sky-scrapers, to ribbons of highway connecting America from coast-to-coast, cement has literally helped make our world strong and economies thrive.
Concrete is a mixture of two components: aggregate and paste. The paste is made up of Portland cement and water, which then binds the aggregate, often made up of things like sand, gravel or crushed stone. Portland cement is a general term for almost all modern cement – owing its name and origin to a British stone mason who patented the process for making modern cement from stone quarried on the Isle of Portland.
Concrete surrounds us, yet is often overlooked. Concrete is more than rock and sand. It makes our homes and offices durable and more resilient in natural disasters, it makes our roads and bridges strong and last longer, and thanks to its permanence and energy efficiency, it helps sustain our environment.
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LafargeHolcim in the US has introduced CementDirect, an innovative digital solution that transforms the cement delivery process and its associated paperwork for ready mix producers. CementDirect is being rolled out across the United States to LafargeHolcim cement customers.
The app- and web-based solution is engineered to improve the customer experience. CementDirect enables ready-mix producers to sign off on deliveries, monitor real-time load delivery statuses and access bills of lading, proof of delivery and historical shipping documents 24/7, all in one place.

“When we set out to create our digital tools, we always strive to create something that makes a real difference for those who use our products. There are so many opportunities to improve our industry, but for us, the key to success is focusing on simplicity and solving real challenges that exist in the market,” said Patrick Cleary, Senior Vice President of Sales, Cement at LafargeHolcim in the US.
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India: Holcim subsidiary Ambuja Cements has launched trial production at its new 3.0Mt/yr Marwar integrated cement plant in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district. The launch follows a total investment of US$316m in the plant’s construction. The plant is equipped with an additional 2.0Mt/yr of grinding of grinding capacity and a waste heat recovery (WHR) plant.
Managing director and chief executive officer Neeraj Akhoury said “It’s a proud moment for us at Ambuja Cements. Our endeavour shall always be to become a strong partner and a builder of progress for India.”
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Cemex made the Ruedersdorf cement plant more economical, increased the throughput and drastically improved the environmental aspect. PROMECON supplied drift free and low maintenance flowmeter solutions to deliver substantial process information in order to improve thermal plant efficiency by maintaining full plant availability.
CEMEX ordered 4 sets of McON air to measure the tertiary air flow and exhaust gas flow in both of their two gas flow strings .
For more than seven years the downcomer sensors have been in operation with no maintenance at all.
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